"La flor de un sexenio:
Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics"

©1995, Jennifer R. Accettola

This thesis is an examination of the role of women in contemporary Mexican politics, using original quantitative research, interviews and literature review. The author compiled a database of 283 female politicians and bureaucrats who have held office in the Mexican government since women first attained the rights of citizenship, voting and standing for office in 1953.

Characteristics such as age, geographic and socioeconomic origins, level and place of education, national and local political experience, office-holding in unions, women's organizations and political parties, and repeat office-holding were examined. This information was examined against similar statistics for male politicians from a prior, comparable database. Comparisons were drawn against previous studies of female politicians in Mexico and other countries when possible. Finally, the increasing domination of Mexican politics by a technocratic ideology is examined in the context of the opportunities or obstacles it may present for female politicians.

"...(A)n impressively detailed picture of women politicians in Mexico. It's original and important."
--J. Timmons Roberts, Ph.D., Tulane University, New Orleans LA.

"...above and beyond the call of most Master's theses and will make for an excellent base from which to proceed for Ph.D. studies."
--Miguel A. Centeno, Ph.D., Princeton University, Princeton NJ.


1. Introduction, Methodology and Review of Literature [end notes]

2. Women's Rights and Political Activism in Early 20th Century Mexico [end notes]

3. Presentation of Cases: Women in Mexican Politics [end notes]

4. Background and Preparation of Female Politicians and Top-Level Administrators in Mexico [end notes]

5. Levelling the Field? Technocratic Revolution and Opportunities for Female Politicians [end notes]

Appendix A


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"La flor de un sexenio: Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics," by Jennifer R. Accettola, Tulane University, 1995. Publication # 1376436. 180 pages.

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